Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Allow me to introduce you to Spindleshanks...

I've mentioned my friend Vivian on here like a bazillion times, since she photographs a lot of my designs for me and seems to be around for most of my sporadic adventures...

Well, she has just published her very-first-for-realsies pattern on Ravelry and it is super awesome! Plus I'm in it, and we all know how much everyone likes looking at my awkward modeling jobs.


It is called String Theory! And it's like wearing a skein of delicious yarn around your neck without having it get horribly tangled! Check it out on Ravelry here, and keep an eye on Vivian's new blog, 'cause I know she's going to do some rad things. (At least, I hope so, because we've got some plans for collaboration. Mwahahah!)

Soon she's probably going to have to start tweeting, too. I'm a terrible influence.



  1. Heh, I love the pictures. Cute pattern, too :)

  2. very cool scarf! I am intrigued...love the pictures!


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