Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Go Go Malabrigo, Vol. 2!

Six patterns in two days? Am I insane?? (Well, I formatted for about 12 hours yesterday, so I am now.) But anyway... The second Malabrigo ebook is nigh! By which I mean... totally here!


Now, if you want the whole shebang: five patterns, including three worsted weight hats, some easy-peasey-squooshy armwarmers, and a cowl-thing, you can go right ahead and click this button:

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The whole ebook is $15 again, so 5 patterns for the price of 3!

And what are these patterns, you might ask? Let me give you the tour. (Click the names to go to their Ravelry pages, where there are more pictures and details. If I repeat them all here, this post is going to get waaaay too long.)

Hollywood Boulevard


Merino Worsted beret! With a star on top!

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Dilih Wrap


You might've seen this one on the blog some months ago. Very quick and easy and foxy and warm! Have I mentioned how I can't stop buying "Sunset"? I think I've gotten it in every base yarn, by now.

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Look deeeeep into my hat....

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Annelida Gauntlets


Fancier and squooshier than your average ribbing ;-)

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So darn cute you'll get a cavity.

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Hooray!! And now, I move. See you on the other side, folks!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wheatberries Shawlette, hooray!




I've been experimenting with putting increases in various locations to see what shape comes out. This one is a neat, squared-off kind of crescent shape that really lend itself to being worn a bit like a capelet. The vast majority of the project is easy knitting, with just one repeat of lace stuck in at the bottom to give it a little pizazz.

Two warnings:
1. The lace part is charts ONLY. No written instructions for the lace. I may write some later, but for now, please don't buy the pattern if you can't or won't use charts, because you will be unhappy with me :-)
2. Bind off loosely!! Maybe block it first, and then bind off. My bind off is a bit too tight, even though I went up to size 10 needles, haha.


This yarn is delicious and I am loving the finished project and the unusual shaping. Several testers knit it up on larger yarn- sport or dk- and it came out beautifully there as well, so feel free to play around!

You can find it on Ravelry here, or buy now

On a personal note, I've decided, after being painfully reminded of just how expensive veterinary care is, and finding out how insane and largely useless pet insurance seems to be, that this shawl will be my pet insurances for our next rescue pup (we're holding off until after the move, but golly, how I miss having a dog around.) All the proceeds will be put in a special savings account just for poochy medical needs. Hopefully by the time he's old and needs it, there'll be a nice little nest egg. I don't want to ever have to consider the price when deciding on an animal's care- it's the worst feeling in the world.

Annnyway....getting ready to move really slows down the whole being-productive thing, but I'm hoping to have some more goodness for ya in the next few days, too ;-) Maybe something a little "Mmmmmmm"....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Long Beach, cont...

You know what's a pain the ass? Moving. Sorry there's been no real content in ages... there's lots of stuff in the works, lots of stuff finishing up, but dangit, we're moving scary-soon and time is becoming an issue :-(



No, I don't know either.



A freaky thing from inside one of those antique "put a quarter in to see some freaky stuff" boxes in Marsh's Free Museum. Which is really more of a store with old stuff on the walls. They wouldn't sell us the sweet old Schlitz lamp :-(


The classiest business I have EVER seen.


... except for this one. I'm going to the salon, lol!


Our hotel was ridiculous-nice and not that expensive. I guess when you have a beach with super dangerous water that you can't swim in, that's what happens.




Travis's attempt at a towel turban. Apparently this is something that guys don't know how to do??



Monday, October 11, 2010

Long Beach, WA

We went up for a night while my mother was in town. Pictures happened!


This one's in Astoria. Had to stop at the Rogue Brew Pub for the boy.


A few from Cape Disappointment (what a name, eh? We thought about having our wedding here just for irony points.)




Travis with my mother, who never lets me take pictures of her.



Notice how my skin matches the lighthouse. Frightening.





Not sure what's going on here.


I heard breastfeeding was tricky, but I had no idea!


We saw a porcupine!!! They are so friggin cute. And they hide their spikes, to trick you into hugging them.



Maaagical leopluradon! It will show us the way!! (ok, ok, it's a dead whale.)

More later, this is getting long. Also I have a bunch of stuff currently being test knit, so... get excited!! (And one that I can release as soon as I buck up and redo the charts and figure out how to compress them so they aren't terrible.)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Allow me to introduce you to Spindleshanks...

I've mentioned my friend Vivian on here like a bazillion times, since she photographs a lot of my designs for me and seems to be around for most of my sporadic adventures...

Well, she has just published her very-first-for-realsies pattern on Ravelry and it is super awesome! Plus I'm in it, and we all know how much everyone likes looking at my awkward modeling jobs.


It is called String Theory! And it's like wearing a skein of delicious yarn around your neck without having it get horribly tangled! Check it out on Ravelry here, and keep an eye on Vivian's new blog, 'cause I know she's going to do some rad things. (At least, I hope so, because we've got some plans for collaboration. Mwahahah!)

Soon she's probably going to have to start tweeting, too. I'm a terrible influence.


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