Monday, September 27, 2010

This morning at about 2 am, the best dog in the world (and my very best friend) woke up unable to feel or move half of his body. The prognosis wasn't very good for a 15-ish year old dog, and we had to let him be put to sleep. He was perfectly healthy and happy when we went to bed.

I know people get angry when you say your pets are like children, but really, Rocky was. Except that I don't have even an ounce of maternal instinct for human children (even my hypothetical own) whereas I had gallons for this stinky, deaf, rickety little pup. He was a rescue, and I got him from a woman who'd gotten him at the humane society. It bothers me that I never knew what the first 9 years of his life was like, or what kind of dogs his parents were (I toyed with doing a Wisdom Panel test, but they are pretty expensive.) But so it goes. I had him for 3.5 years, and they were wonderful.

All this to say that if you don't see me around online very much for a little while, or if I'm slow to answer emails and tweets, that's why. We're also moving at the end of October, and then possibly going abroad for a bit, so things are pretty crazy anyway, but I will be back, eventually.

I'm turning off comments because I don't want to get a bunch of emails reminding me to be sad (I can handle that on my own, and rather like the internet being a distraction.) I will, however, put up shortly pictures from Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival, which I went to yesterday and which was good fun. I also found five dollars, and Travis found a four-leaf clover. Apparently we used up all our luck for the week in one day.

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