Monday, August 2, 2010


I identified my beetlefriend from the trip: he's a Golden Buprestid/Metallic Wood-borer/Jewel Beetle. Aptly named, since that's exactly what the guy who walked by as I was taking a picture AND Travis's mother said about him ("Oooh, it looks like a jewel!")

From Beetles of the Pacific Lowlands (funny since I saw him in one of the much higher lands):

"This beetle spends most of its life as a larva, burrowing in dead wood. The larva has the remarkable ability to go into a sort of suspended animation for apparently decades, then pupate and become an adult. There have been reports of beams which were installed for 30 years which then have beetles crawl out of them. The adult flies to the south side of trees looking for mates. They often will congregate in an area that just burned, apparently able to "smell" smoke for several miles."


This person had one crawl out of her handmade cutting board after 29 years. Surreal. Though as far as bugs who could pop out of your home furnishings at any moment, I'd say they would be one of the more welcome ones.


  1. That beetle is pretty as a button! Too bad you couldn't keep him...

  2. wow, what a stunning beetle!! I agree with the previous comment, that beetle should model for buttons...

  3. I feel like you would have to be that beautiful to come out of dead wood. Otherwise, you'd freak people out. But if you were so beautiful, people would be like "Thanks for waiting until now to come out!" instead!

  4. I know, right!? I'd be friggin thrilled if that came out of my furniture. Not true of pretty much any other bug.

  5. I'm now wondering if I have any beetles lurking in my handmade cutting board. ;)


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