Friday, July 16, 2010

I'd say I have a tassel problem...

...but is it really a problem when it's so awesome? I mean, it's like being addicted to huffing sheer radness. Amirite?


(My tassel enthusiasm may be reaching eccentric levels.) I don't do a ton of test knitting, busy little bee that I am, but when miss Sarah Burghardt asked me to test a hat knit out of Malabrigo....well hot damn, that's pretty much my thing.


It was a super speedy little project, and much easier than it looks. Very satisfying. You can wear it with the brim up or down, and there are buttons on both sides (well, there would be, if I had found enough buttons that I liked. Right now the inside is still buttonless, but I know in my heart of hearts that I'm going to wear it brim-down all the time anyway, 'cause I kinda love it that way. And in Polar Morn! It matches everything! This one's gonna come in handy.


The hat did not, originally, have a tassel. But c'mon. I'm gonna add a tassel. C'mon. Though I did seriously consider a pom pom.


The pattern isn't out yet, but I'll let you guys know when it is!

Fun fact: Sarah is dating my ex, and both of Travis's major exes have been knitters also. Do we have a "type"? Or maybe we ARE a type! You know, "I like my girls to enjoy quiet nights of television during which they will ask 'what just happened?' a lot because they aren't looking at the screen.... and also, I'm cold a lot, so if they could maybe do something about that... and if they could hit me in the face with their flailing elbows occasionally, that'd be great."

Or maybe there are just a lot of us. I don't know, man. It's crazy.

Speaking of Travis:


Yeah, I know.


  1. GORGEOUS hat, I can't wait to see the pattern! So making this.

    Your man has a kickin 'stache. My husband grows his out occasionally, twists up the ends like this and leaps at me from behind corners yelling "Zounds!" in a French accent. No joke!

  2. Oh boy! We may be a type, but apparently we have one, too, what with men who like to experiment with facial hair.

  3. that hat is amazing!! Love, love, love. And that really is quite the stache.

  4. Is it a real one? Say no...!! lol!

    Love the hat though!

  5. i wish i could knit like u, that hat is beautiful, as for the my hubby grows them every now and then for mo-vember (in november).

  6. I love all the design elements going on with your hat, the tassel,the buttons, the brim and I love those cute little cables, your BF needs the lamb chop side burns to go with that amazing mustashi-o

  7. That is a cute hat. The tassle suits it.

    As for the stache, does he wax it like Hercule Poirot? Whenever I see people with the ends of their moustaches curled, I always wonder if they wax them.

  8. It is quite real, and also axes! The wax makes all the difference, really.

  9. Aw, cute hat! I love that style, and the tassel makes all the difference.

  10. that's a pretty rad 'tash your boy's rocking. mine's jealous.

    i think sarah's right...

  11. I just realized that my comment went wonky (damn iGadgets and their spellchecks.) I think I was trying to say "And he does wax it." Not... "also axes."


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