Sunday, May 23, 2010


Just a quick update...

The "non-knitted-vaguely-bridalish" shop is up and running now. It's pretty small and I haven't put any veils up since I still need to steam them, but hey.

In other news, I started knitting a bit and promptly re-*#$6ed my wrist. It's really more my forearm... I'm suspecting tendinitis. Either way, I need to lay low for a while longer yet. Bugger.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Well, it's not as good as knitting...

...but it keeps me busy.








Ugh, the clammy hand season has started. This apartment sorely needs AC, since it gets a lot of direct sunlight and is on the top floor...but we can't really afford it, especially since we have sliding casement windows and have to buy the special fancy vertical AC unit. Lametown.

I've been swatching a little, trying to take baby steps back into knitting (not that it will matter in the heat... I'll have to find out which neighborhood coffee shop will let me hang out the longest with the least purchasing. Or maybe the library?) My wrists still aren't in great shape but if I take a lot of breaks....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Houston, we have Chickens

And by "we" I mean Travis and his farming partner, Evan. I really have nothing to do with them, besides liking them and naming them and maybe getting to decorate the egg cartons.





(Don't worry, she's supposed to look like that, she's a Turken. Name's David Lynch.)



There are more pictures with chicken names here if you're super interested for some reason. And if you're in Portland and need good eggs (or veggies, soon) please contact these guys: Sasquatch Acre. I drew their logo, so you know they're good.

Comment Modding On

Sorry guys, I hate to do it but I had to turn comment moderation on. I was getting way too many spam comments (seemingly all in some sort of Asian language) and I don't want any of you good people accidentally clicking something and installing a virus or buying penis enlargement pills or any such things. So when your comment doesn't show up immediately, that's why.

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