Monday, April 5, 2010

Yarn + Wedding + DIY contest

So...I'm a finalist in a wedding craft contest right here:

And as the prizes are really quite fabulous and would keep me rolling in raw crafty materials for the next year... I am going to be a vote monger and gently suggest that you guys go have a look-see at the entries and consider voting for #11. There's yarn involved!! (If you like another one better, though, there ain't no shame in voting for them instead :-) There are a lot of super great entries.)


Thank you wonderful friends! This was my first experience making a tutorial and it was kinda fun, I think I might do more. Anything you'd like to see?


  1. I just voted for you. And not just because I liked your pom pom bouquet,even though I really do, but because you were so generous about it! It's lovely that you point out that there are lots of good ones, and that people should vote for what they really like. Is there a prize for miss congeniality of the DIY set?!

    I'm really creeping on a lot of DIY projects lately- I'm really interested in wardrobe refashioning and up-cycling, and accessory DIY.

  2. gorgeous bouquet.. i voted for you. :)

  3. Thanks guys!

    I hear ya Julie, I have to constanty stop myself from picking up new hobbies. It's so hard! There's so many! They all look so fun!

  4. That is a brilliant idea! It is so beautiful, I may have to make one someday!

  5. I just put in a vote for you! When and if I ever get married, I'm hiring you. I absolutely love your style.

  6. well i voted for you. i love your blog and your projects so well worth it!

  7. I saw your post on the With This String Ravelry group. I voted for you, it's an adorable project.

  8. I voted for you. I like your blog.


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