Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I know I don't need to tell you guys this...

...but not knitting is hard. (Oh, yeah. I'm not knitting for a few weeks to let my poor wrists heal. They're all carpal-tunnelly and I don't want to make it worse. Those of you who have the misfortune to follow me on Twitter know this, probably.)

Sure, I've got other distractions...





(yes, that's a giant mountain of scraggly pompoms, and no, I don't know exactly what I'm going to do with them. Wanna make something of it?)

But when something like this:


shows up at your door, all begging you to start the second Malabrigo book and test out a bunch of fancy new yarns that you've never seen or touched before (including several "bonus skeins" that you didn't know were coming, one of mysterious content named simply "Mmm", and another which might not actually get released ever, but which is awesome, because how couldn't it be?)


... it gets hard, man.

(If you want to see 'em all, they're in my Ravelry stash, or Flickr, here.)


  1. ooooh. how did you not go elbow-deep into all of that!?

    sorry about (and good luck with!) the wrists (i've had it happen, too. too many hours of complex lace pattern had my wrists disturbingly clicky.), keep it up with the pom poms! and am sure that 'mmm' has got to stand for Magnificent Malabrigo Mystery.

  2. Good luck with the wrists! I'm going through the same thing, and boy it sucks! I'm on over 2 months of no knitting thanks to this RSI (pretty much like carpal tunnel). But fingers crossed yours will heal up nice and quick!

  3. WOW! Did Malabrigo send you all of that yarn? They must have liked your first pattern book. As a fellow Malabrigo Junkie (I'm sjn821 on Ravelry), I look forward to your creations and will lust over your yarn in the meantime. ;-) I can't wait to try out Dos and I absolute love the color of that green Mericash Lace.

  4. When I was a kid, my Mum and I used to make tons of little pom-poms and then she would skillfully attach them all together in the shape of one amazingly colorful stick-figure man! I used it as a birthday gift to several friends and they loved it... I've been thinking recently of re-enacting that, now that I'm a knitter, and your pom-poms reminded me of it immediately!

  5. Holy mother of god... yarngasm!! The pink handspun angora is GORGEOUS!!

    Also... did you say new mal pattern book?? Wooohoooo!!!

  6. Hey, happy birthday!
    Bleh, I'm sorry about your wrists, bleh. Hope they heal quickly.
    Mmmm, gorgeous pictures!

  7. Good luck! That yarn will make the wait worth it, I'm sure.

  8. You know what's actually hard. Not being able to walk. So yeah chew on that you, nerd.

    Maybe when i'm better ish i'll fly out to portland.
    Hope your feeble little bones get better.

    Love your sister

  9. A beautiful blog! Now one of my very favorites, yes, it is...

  10. With all those pompoms you should make a garland!


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