Sunday, March 7, 2010

Peeky peek. And a little contest. Sort of.


Today my rather talented pal Vivian came over and shot the rest of the projects for the Malabrigo ebook for me (before we hopped on the Portland Yarn Crawl bandwagon for a few hours. I managed to only buy one skein! Go me.)

Which means I can finally start recruiting test knitters and putting this thing together. Hooray!

However, the name is proving to be a bit of a sticking point. Being as "mal" is the latin(?) root for "bad", it's hard to play off it without coming out with something evil sounding.

Malabrigo + Delicious = Malicious!
Malabrigo + Lady = Malady!
Malabrigo + Magnificent = Malificent! (the evil lady in Sleeping Beauty, I think.)

So! Free ebook to anyone who suggests something I like! (It doesn't have to be a pun on the name of the yarn, but you know how I'm partial to puns.)


  1. I like the play on “mal.” Here are a couple of my thoughts:

    Maladjusted – as in “Presents’ Maladjusted Knits,” “Maladjusted Little Knits,” “Maladjusted Stitches,” etc. Of course, I mean maladjusted in the best possible way, sort of off-kilter and awesome (like all your designs).

    Malapert adj. 1. Unbecomingly bold or saucy. In my opinion this is an awesome word that doesn’t get used nearly enough. It’s like “impertinent” but saucier!

    Maldy Obs. 1. A woollen cloth of grey or mixed colour. Seriously, this is a real word (though usage is rare at best now-a-days). "maldy malabrigo"

    Though I quite like "Malady."

  2. Oooh! The peek looks great.

    I would call it "Pas Mal du Tout".

    I'm a bad knitter, though. "Mal" still doesn't make me think of Malabrigo. It always makes me think of Malcom Reynolds from Firefly. Maybe my nerdiness just out weighs my yarn love.

  3. Maybe I can just call it "I <3 Mal" and put a picture of Nathan Fillion on the front.

  4. "Fleurs du Mal" as a reference to the poet Beaudelaire.
    Forget Malady, since in french "maladie" is illness.

  5. elizabeth or malizabeth (to play off the word). cause it looks kind of like those elizabethan collars people used to wear way back when.

  6. oooh! I don't have anything better to add to the suggestions at the moment... but I'd love to test knit!

  7. Malabrigo Gal

    The Malabrigo Lab

    The Girl from Malabrigo (kind of a play on the Girl from Ipanema!)

    My Malabrigo Romance

    Just tossing out some ideas! I love the ruffled piece in the photo, I can't wait to see more!!

  8. ha! i like 'maladjusted'. you could also lay off the poor 'mal' and play with the 'brigo' sound, like 'bringin' malabrigo' (don't use that, it's heinous, i'm just making a point). malbrigo imbroglio is only slightly less sinister, but it's a lovely tongue twister.

  9. How about superMalafragalisticexpiMaladoshus??

  10. Good one Heidi! HA!
    I got nothin. Loving the "Presents' Malajusted Knits"

  11. Maladroit is my favorite 'mal' word. it means clumsy.

    How about alliteration?

    Malabrigo Mayhem
    Malabrigo Madness

  12. malignant: characterized by progressive and uncontrolled growth (like my malabrigo yarn stash and pattern collection).

    I'd love to test knit!

  13. Can't wait for the E-book!! I just adore all your patterns and knits. Being a malabrigo junkie these are the names I think of or say when talking about malabrigo...
    1: "Maldelectable" or sometimes I'll just say "it's so malectable"... as delectable is lovely and anything malabrigo is lovely isn't it?? So you could call the book - "Malectable knits" or "Maldelectable Knits"

    2: Malresistible patterns for the Malvelous knitter" Since your patterns are irresistible and marvelous and so is malabrigo!!! Ohh - how about "Simply Malresistible" or "Simply Maltastic" lol

    I'm sure whatever you decide will be perfect!! Much success to you!!

  14. Hi - I stumbled upon you via the Twisted site and Ravelry...your stuff is amazing!!!

    How about

    "Mal-tease Icon" (like Maltese Falcon)?

    Can't wait to see your e-book!

  15. you liked malady... how about "m'lady" to achieve the same idea and yet stave off the mental images of disease? :)

    you could just call it m'lady, or spin it further to "m'lady malabrigo," etc.

  16. dandy al beat me to maladroit - also my favourite mal word, but cool to break down, because "mal à droit" loosely translated means "bad on the right (-hand side)"...

    and there are malacology (the study of molluscs - or mal?), malarkey (nonsense, but jibber-jabber rather than BS), and malleable (shapable - although i've never heard anyone talk about yarn being malleable...)

  17. I'm just excited about that pattern. beautiful!

    I did a quick Urban Dictionary search and found "Malawa"

    Here's the first definition:

    A girl who is considered independent and hard working. She usually makes the right decisions. She is very sought after because of her beauty and intelligence as well as her independence and ability to be strong. This girl is looked at as the total package. If there are any flaws they are not noticable. Malawa describes a girl that is the best.

  18. I kind of like "malovely," and it reminds me of "my lovely," which is also a plus.


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