Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mood Board: Porch Light

So I've been playing around with mood boards because, well, if you read enough wedding blogs, you start wanting to collage stuff. And the plan was to post them elsewhere since they're arguably kind of a wedding-y thing, but then I thought, "Hey, y'know, inspiration is inspiration, why not toss 'em out to the knitting/crafting folks too, in case they could do something with them" so... that's what I'm going to do.

I am still getting the hang of these things so forgive me if the first few are a bit sad (I am hoping that all the crediting is correct enough to pass muster, though I think I'll try to record things more carefully next time.) This one was semi-inspired by a super cute little store in Portland called "Porch Light", and the various keywords I came up with for the place are listed below in a grammatically questionable fashion.

{french country, ticking fabric, cottony ribbons, light colored old fancy furniture, peeling paint, bunting flags, home-crafted-ness}


Rosey Little Things,Country Living,Home to Roost
Renovation Therapy, Ffffound, Epicute
Cake Toppers World, Camille Styles, Tiny Bird Arts
Blush Publishing, Terra Dawn Blog, Fotosa

So what do you think? Do you want to see more of these or are they better off staying in the wedding blogs?


  1. I like it! We bloggers/crafters get inspiration from many different sources. I'm inspired. I'll definitely have one on my blog soon! ;-)

  2. sooo pretty! I love the French country feel to the mood board. Lovely stuff!

  3. i like them. and, you know, anything that will get you posting with greater regularity... ;)

  4. I have the book in the top left picture. the pink and black rabbit version of alice in wonderland


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