Friday, March 5, 2010


My first pattern for the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program (which, to you, translates into "the pattern is less than two bucks and the yarn is super cheap too!")


This hat is a sort of remake of a hat I wear all the time (but, I just realized, haven't photographed at all... I'll get on that) that people are always asking about. It uses Knit Picks Gloss Heavyweight, which if you're familiar with their original, fingering-weight Gloss, you can probably imagine is rather delightful (merino and silk, can you ever go wrong?)


You can find it on Rav, here and Knitpicks here - both places it's available for $1.99. I probably won't put it on etsy since, honestly, for $1.99 it ain't worth the listing fees :-P

I also wanted to show you guys my new pdf layout, which I'm pretty squee-ish about.


If you've ever downloaded patterns from me before you probably know how dismally boring they looked- this is a marked improvement. It'll take a while to retro-fit all the old ones into the new template, though.

As for that earflap hat, I'll fill you in on that little ditty later- I haven't quite decided if I'm going to release it before the ebook or not. Perhaps :-) For now, a bridge:


Fine Print: Your purchase of this pattern constitutes your agreement to use this pattern only for personal, non-profit use without specific written permission from the designer. Items made from this pattern may not be sold, nor may the pattern itself be copied, sold, or distributed in any way. You may print one copy for personal use but may not print multiples to distribute, nor may you share the digital file with others.


  1. Beautiful hat.

    I just stumbled across your blog and you have produced some gorgeous patterns. Looking forward to trying some out :)

  2. oooh Love your new pattern layout! I only have like 5 patterns and it took me weeks to change them over to the last layout. Good luck. :)

    I saw pics of your earflap hat on flickr and it's lookin pretty bad ass.


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