Saturday, March 20, 2010

Go Go Malabrigo!

The ebook is up! On Ravelry, at least.

Go Go Malabrigo!

For the time being, the patterns can only be bought individually... I'm having a bit of trouble uploading the whole ebook. But it'll be there soon.

And as you may have gathered, the winner of the naming contest is Annie! Who will get a copy of the ebook just as soon as it's up and running and I can send it. (Annie, if you're on Ravelry, send me your user name so I can send it that way. It's too big for emailing, heh. presentsknits at gmail dot com.)

Honorable mentions to "Supermalafragilisticexpimalidocious," and my fiance's suggestion, "Bros, Hos, and Malabrigos" (yep, that's the dude I'm marrying.) And thank you one and all for your suggestions!

I will do a more detailed post later today when everything is totally up and running (at the moment, I need to get ready for work, eep!)


  1. Yay, congrats for getting it up! Excited for the more detailed post... : )

  2. Great title. Lovely pic. Well done you.

  3. Great title! It looks awesome.

  4. YAY for an honorable mention! I don't even know where that came from.... I'm sure I was up way too late and probably whacked out of it on Jolly Ranchers and Sour Patch Kids. I gotta say, I really like "Bros, Hos, and Malabrigos".

    I'm loving my copy of the ebook. I've dug into Verse first, and it is knitting up lovely. I chose to use London Sky with a gorgeous deep dark plum ribbon.

    Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to help. It was lots of fun and it's been a great experience.


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