Sunday, March 21, 2010

Go Go Malabrigo, in agonizing detail

Ok! Everything's working now, whew!

A quick tour of what awaits you in the magical land of "Go Go Malabrigo!" All of the "Buy Now" links will check you out through Ravelry (which you can do even if you're not a member, but why aren't you? It's fun.) Everything will be up in the etsy shop as well.






As in "versatile" and also as in poetry, but you'll have to ask Vivian about that one.
Requires two skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino and about 4 yards of ribbon. Kind of super adorable and girly. $5

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Wabbit Season



As in duck season. Double-thick earflaps serve as odd little pockets; pompoms serve as super fun things to fling around. Uses 2 skeins of Malabrigo Twist, mmmboy. $5

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As in, "I can't hear you, I've got all this wool over my ears. But they sure are warm." Doubles as a neckwarmer, in case your ears are already sufficiently toasty. Uses 1 skein of Malabrigo Aquarella. $5

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As in, each stockinette panel is approximately double the size of the last one. Double-ish. Yumcozy. One skein of Malabrigo Sock. $5

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As in... I don't know, the name just seemed to fit. This is one of those patterns with the pleasant tendency to look much more complicated than it is. Also suitably boyish, for those hard-to-knit-for men in your life. One skein Malabrigo Worsted. $5

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The Whole Kit'n'Caboodle


As in, "I want it all!" Get all five patterns for $15, which those of you doing the math will realize is a darn good deal if you want at least three or four of 'em.


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Whew! And with that, I dine! Thank you for all the lovely nice comments, they really make a girl blush. And thanks again to all my testers, name-suggesters, photographers, and otherwise helpers!

Fine Print:
Your purchase of these patterns constitutes your agreement to use them only for personal, non-profit use without specific written permission from the designer. Items made from these patterns may not be sold, nor may the patterns themselves be copied, sold, or distributed in any way. You may print one copy for personal use but may not print multiples to distribute, nor may you share the digital file with others.


  1. I am absolutely in love with Verse (oooh that ribbon! so adorable!) and Wabbit Season - I've been waiting for a good slouchy earflap hat to appear for a looong time, and you made the perfect one! Congrats on the release and thank you!

  2. Wow! really nice pictures! And you finaly found a perfect title! Go go Malabrigo! Good luck!

  3. love them. especially the shawl!! i want one... soon i hope.


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