Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where we live now

(No pictures of the apartment yet, I need it...again...already.)

This is the bridge that lives out our window:


And here are pictures from our walk halfway across it (there's not much on the other side but traffic, and plus it shakes and makes you all dizzy, so I didn't really feel the need to push through :-P ) Obviously taken on a gray-er day than the above. Portland, go figure. At least it's not blizzarding.







(yeah I got a little creative with the color on that one. Eh. I get tired of gray.)

Vivian and I did some dyeing (well, overdyeing) the other day, and the plan was to skein it up and photograph it and post it, but the skeining starting turning my hands red plan. Soak all the red stuff in vinegar and rinse it again and let it dry for a week again. Awesome. But I have been doing some spinning (much of it on my new fancy schmancy Jumbo Flyer: big yarn, big fun.)


Still coming out a little uneven since I'm not used to it (she says as if her yarn was even otherwise.)


I'm selling a lot of it through Twisted now, so that's exciting! Stop by if you're in Portland and peruse- Vivian's got a lot of her handspun there too. I made a super excellent hat out of some stuff I bought from her, which I will post as soon as I steal the pictures she took of it. Earflaps for the win. And pompoms. Gotta love the pompoms.


  1. That handdspun is beautiful. i've been in love with bulky yarns for a while now, i think a jumbo flyer might be in my future. i've been reading your blog for a while also, and i just love it. congrats on your engagement by the way!

  2. wow, those photos are stunning!1 and your hand spun is lovely.

  3. i am totally going to copy your handspun hat, i've decided, so get workin' on that pattern (psssst, make it flexible gauge!) nice bridge pics, too, i've wanted to do a photoshoot of that landmark for eons.

  4. Great pix! That was my favorite bridge when I was growing up; I did my 3rd grade bridge report project on it. Only because my current fave, the Fremont, didn't exist yet...

    geesh I'm getting old!

  5. Amazing photos and yarn! I think I'd put up with ants for that view.

  6. your handspun yarns are sooo beautiful! are you going to be putting any on etsy or only selling locally?
    Have fun getting settled in a new place! figuring out how to arrange and organize in a new space is the best part of moving

  7. The ones pictured are either for sale at Twisted or I'm keeping 'em. But I'm sure I'll put more up on etsy at some point. (I'm trying to cut back my yarn budget pretty severely, but if I TRADE Twisted for handspun, it doesn't count. Bwahaha.)


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