Monday, February 22, 2010

No Skein Left Behind

This is the thing about me:

I am an extremely organized, anal-retentive person trapped in the body of a complete slob.

Mess and clutter stress me out, but I'm also too lazy to prevent them from happening. Like, really lazy. So my apartment/laundry/stash/crafting projects get completely trashed and neglected until they finally reach a point where I absolutely can't handle them any longer and do a complete overhaul.

Inspired partially by the Yarn Harlot's self-made sock club and partially by a feeling of suffocating disorganization (in this case regarding my stash, though I cleaned the apartment and did all the laundry first), I have done this:


Each one of those bags contains a skein (or several) of yarn and a slip of paper or sketch dictating what the yarn will someday become. Most of them are design ideas, but a small handful are other people's patterns. Many of them may not work out, but it makes me feel better in the meantime. I took this picture before I was completely done...but in the end, I assigned fates to about 90% of my yarn. I still have two smallish plastic tubs filled with orphans (and handspun). I can handle that much purposeless yarn, I suppose. One of these days I need to go through all my yarn scraps and match them up for striped projects and little things, but that will have to come later.

I am in the middle of a bazillion things and as such have finished pretty much nothing. I keep toying with various ebook ideas and changing my mind part way through... but I think I know where I'm headed now. Heh.

Sneak peek? Don't mind if I do.


Damn I'm glamorous. Can't imagine why that modeling career didn't take off.


  1. gorgeous, darling. that photo simply MUST be my new wallpaper. i am especially in love with that wall, what a perfect location! also, bread pudding: damn tasty.

  2. It's the side of the bridge! By our driveway, heh. You shall know it well if you help with the ebooking :-) Glad you liked the puddin', I was just over-indulging in it myself. Thanks for the starter!

  3. A slouchy hat with ear-flaps and pom-poms! What more could I wish for? You have guessed my craving exactly, hope hope hope that the pattern comes out soon!

  4. you are gorgeous. i love your foto shots. you play infront of the camera and it is great.
    i can't believe you went through all of your yarn and did that!! that would be nice to do with my yarn but i change my mind too much. and i would want to start knitting it all right away and then turned depressed when i couldn't get to it all. sad sad day!!

  5. oh nooo I wants to knits itttttt please do a full-reveal soon! Preferably with a pattern involved :)

  6. Love this post & your waaaay more organized than me.
    Love your sense of humor about it all.

  7. I swear, no one would have an organized stash if it weren't for freezer sized ziploc bags!! I've done the same. Love that hat, by the way! it's the perfect shade of blue.

  8. Impressing! I have a whole room dedicated for yarn, fibers and hobby related stuff and it's a COMPLETE mess. The plastic bag thing looks good but still my biggest problem is to hide it. I guess I'll have to go to IKEA and by some hide-away-boxes. Or sell out the yarn on Ebay...

  9. Love the hat! And I do think you missed your calling as a model.

  10. What great organization! I might adopt this idea :)


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