Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Presents

Since I'm a sucker for all things wedding-planner-y, and since this is a knitting blog which presumably does NOT want to see every jazzy moodboard that catches my eye, I've made a separate blog for weddingy drivel: the aptly named Wedding Presents. Anyone terribly fascinated by that aspect of my life beyond the occasional casual mention may well enjoy following it. Everyone else will be spared the gory details :-)

As if the whole "oh my god I need a venue asap" thing weren't enough, we are also in the process of moving. We are at the part in the process where our new lease has started but we haven't gotten the key yet and we have only one box. So... the next few weeks might be a bit sparse on the content front. I've got a ton of pictures to upload from my trip home, but the computer that handles those is in an unheated room surrounded by literally piles of yarn and other craft detritus. But it's not worth straightening up, because we're MOVING. might be awhile. But it will be worth it when we live in an apartment where I don't have to watch the wind coming in through the windows, straining at the plastic we put over them that's supposed to be insulating...and where our electric bill isn't damn near 200 bucks even though we only heat one room at a time. Bleckk.


  1. I love your blog, your knitting always looks so neat and even. I look forward to reading your wedding blog too. Oh and I follow you on twitter but I am NOT a

  2. Sounds like your life will be busy. Don't forget to take some time to de-stress!

  3. Aaah knitting AND weddings, my 2 favourite things - look forward to reading about your organising exploits!


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