Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh for the love of...

Well, the good news is that my first print magazine pattern has come out (I think it hits newsstands today or in the next few days...they just sent me a "press kit" type thing to promote it with.)

The bad news is... well, I'll get there.


This is the hat I submitted. I wear it all the time, it gets lots of compliments, a lot of "Oh do you have a pattern for that?" (Now I feel kind of bad for telling them to keep an eye out for it, 'cause they won't find it.)

They asked me to make it again and sent me some yarn. Some...magenta and teal yarn. But ok.


Aaaannnndd...the final product:

(Knit Simple Winter 09/10, photo by Rose Callahan. I wasn't going to name the magazine but I have to include that photo credit, so oh well.)


Ignore the colors- they ARE bright, but my computer wonked up that picture to make it even brighter (doesn't like .tiffs, I guess.) But the hat is...well, a totally different hat when you wear it that way. Sort of a strange looking one. Oh well. I'd already decided that self-publishing was the way to go in the future. I'm curious to see how they've changed the directions, since the directions clearly state "In the BACK of the hat, work a running stitch...."

Anyway, I just wanted to pipe up in case anyone actually want to make a slouchy hat with a ruched back and not well it's kind of like one of these. You can, in fact, use the same pattern.

In the parlance of our times: Lolz.


  1. They brightened the colors just a tad, eh. Your photos are waaay better. Congrats on the mag publish anyway for what it's worth. :)

  2. Hey but you're in print, congrats! I'm pretty sure this magazine is available globally too, I definitely get it in the UK! I think they've somewhat put their own "twist", shall we say, on your style?! :D

  3. Actually the colors aren't that bad in the magazine (though they are pretty bright), my computer just mauled the tiff they sent me for some reason. But they have it being worn a completely different (and weird looking way), haha.

    And thanks guys! It's neat that I'm in a magazine, I'm just not particularly proud of that hat :-/ I'm proud of the one I knit, but not what they made it, haha. Oh well!

  4. haha, that is definitely a weird styling choice!! But it's great that you are showing the hat as it's intended- definitely post the ravelry pattern with your photos as the first photo, so people see how perfect it really is. Regardless, congrats on your published pattern!! That really is awesome news. :)

  5. Wow. Fail. Do the editors not keep an eye on fashion trends? Because slouchy hats? In. Hats which have a weird lumpy bump just off from the center of your head, making it look like you're too cheap to spring for a real turban? Not in.

    I love it when it's worn right, though- I may have to hunt down the mag. Congrats!

  6. dude, love the yellow and orange hat Loads! however, this post explains why i always put knitting magazines back on the stand having looked at the photos of patterns. they should sack their stylist.

  7. that really sucks that they screwed with your design like that!!! i mean really, if they liked it enough when you submitted it, why change it??

  8. hahaha. my book had similar issues :/

  9. Yeah I think I might be too much of a control freak to not self-published, haha. (But your book is lovely anyway, Cosy!)

  10. It was probably a decision made by the photoshoot director, who is probably not a knitter. I wouldn't be surprised if the written directions still say to put the ruching in the back.

  11. I think the change is "interesting" though I understand you may be a bit ticked off they messed with your original. Congratulations though, its not every day someones pattern is published in a magazine!

  12. Roffle! That's too funny! Love the original.

  13. I'm sorry. Your original is fantastic!


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