Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bunches of overdue pictures

Half of the things I'm working on right now are for Christmas, and the other half are maybe possibly for an ebook... which leaves me with fully nothing to show you guys, at least until after the holidays (speaking of holidays, I need to start blocking things hardcore...and, you know, finishing things. Eeeep.)

But I finally uploaded a butt-ton of pictures of things I should've posted about months ago. So yay!

First, my trip with Vivian and her little one to the pumpkin patch on Sauvie Island. I didn't actually take the camera down to the pumpkin part of things, since it was very muddy and there was much carrying of muddy things. I do sort of wish I had a video of Anatole taking off at high speed, tripping over a pumpkin vine, picking himself up and looking around a little, then taking off and tripping again. And again. I've never seen a kid so impervious to falls.


He is also terribly photogenic. Perhaps that's why all of Vivian's pictures are so much nicer than mine. Yeeahh... THAT's why...probably...


Vivian's pretty photogenic too...then, there's me:



Honey sticks: a formidable opponent.

After the pumpkin patch we drove down to Travis's new farm plot to get a few pictures for him. It is pretty empty right now, but nice. There were tons of chattering black birds that I was pretty sure were going to eat me.



I am excited to see (eat) what tastiness becomes of this little hunk of land. Nom.

More pictures (of other things) later :-)


  1. nice. indeed. anatole showed the whole thing to his new orca flashlight carabiner. i'm not making that up.

  2. I'm having a hard time imagining an "orca flashlight carabiner" but it sounds awesome.

  3. I think all of you are a highly photogenic bunch ;)


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