Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Things that are Interesting: Barry the Sea Worm and PVC Niddy Noddys

Sorry for the lack of real content... I'm waist deep in Christmas knitting and I can't show you any of it since the intended recipients read this. It's hard, I know.

Two links today, because the first one is both irrelevant to crafting and sort of scary. If you don't like bugs, do not click through to check out Barry the Giant Sea Worm. Barry is seriously one of the most badass animals I've ever seen. He's 4 foot long, has giant stingers that can cause permanent numbness, he can bite through 20lb fishing line, and he somehow snuck into an aquarium and started tearing up their shit. They tried to trap him with hooked bait, but Barry just laughed at them and DIGESTED THE HOOKS. Also, he's straight out of your nightmares. I don't want to post a picture of him in case there are children or weak stomachs in the vicinity, so here is the lovely reef he was destroying:

Bonus: The comments on the article are hilarious:

dose it kill human. omg it really long. it looks like the anacoda "
- Aaliyah, tucson, 01/4/2009 22:19

It's gross, they should get rid of it permanently. What possible use is its existence? none, I suspect.
- Sarah, Bournemouth, 01/4/2009 20:42

We are all God's creatures, the wonder of nature.
- R M, Wirral, 01/4/2009 18:38

Barry looks like something out of "Dune"...
- Swift Malone, Lisbon, PT, 01/4/2009 17:28

Looks edible..I guess...
Just give me a chance.
- ethnos44, corea, 01/4/2009 16:50

(Haha, news comments. Always classic.)

Link number two is a super practical PVC pipe niddy-noddy project. I'd been meaning to make one of these, but then I bought a skein winder, so oh well. But it's super great for those of you who don't want to shell out $40+ just to wind your handspun into nice hanks. It says you need a hacksaw or something to cut the pvc, but I think that they'll do it for you at most big hardware type stores, if you ask nicely.
As the Yarn Turns- Constructing a PVC Niddy Noddy

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  1. I highly approve of the PVC niddy-noddy...


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