Sunday, October 18, 2009

Swell new backdrop + Things coming up on Dull Roar

The bad news: Didn't sell a whole lot of stuff at the craft fair. (It didn't look like very many people did. Stupid economy.)
The good news: Now it goes up on Dull Roar! And also, I finally found a backdrop I like. It's actually kind of a pain since it's metallic and I have to be super careful about the lighting that hits it, which means all the photos come out dark and have to be lightened, but I have to say I kind of like the end effect (and the colors of the knits are pretty accurate since I prioritize that over, say, the color of my face being accurate.) Many of these you've seen before, but these are the "official" pictures. Without further ado:

Handspun wool/silk blend with embroidery, "Seattle" from...uh......hmm.

Handspun merino, "Chocolate Cherries" from Lavender Sheep

Handspun/dyed angora from Malabrigo... "party pink" or something like that.

Malabrigo Worsted in Snowbird and Sunset

Recycled sweaters! Hehe.

My own handdyed/recycled wool

The yarn's called "Savoy"... I don't remember the color or brand, though.

Malabrigo Aquarella in...that purple color, and some sort of Elsbeth Lavold Alpaca, I think (I'm good at notes, eh?)

Artfibers Alphabeto and various handdyed wools for the felting.

Cascade 220, held about 4 strands thick.

Handspun from Abstract Fibers roving, vintage lace

Berroco Ultra Alpaca, vintage lace.

Twinkle Soft Chunky

My handdyed, recycled cashmere/silk blend (feels soooo good)


Silk/bamboo plus old keys

The Fibre Company's Road to China in Lapis. It's got like...every animal. It's amazing. And gorgeous.

Artfibers Big Bun(s?)

Old necklace parts plus old keyhole parts = yay.

(I've really got the zombie-eye look down, eh?) There are more pictures of each thing over on flickr, and like I said, they'll all be turning up on Dull Roar within the next few days and weeks, though if you should fall passionately in love with anything before it goes up, or just want more info, just let me know ;-) (email is best: presentsknits@gmail or keepittoadullroar@gmail. It's hard to talk shop in the comments, haha.)

Now I'm in serious Christmas knitting mode, which makes for very boring blog posts since my recipients read it and I can't give anything away. I'll try and take some pretty fall pictures or something instead, haha.


  1. I agree - the backdrop is worth it. There's just the perfect balance of interest without overwhelming the subject (which is beautiful, by the way)

  2. the backdrop is great, and all those knits are awesome!! love those earmuffs the best, they are right up my alley.

    - Julie

  3. love the multi-strand (or multi-coiled strand) of silk bamboo. is that a crochet chain stitch or just one or two rows of knitting? very cool.


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