Friday, October 16, 2009


I've been meaning to post pictures of my studio since we moved in and I have failed so far...but I just cleaned it today so it seemed like a good time. Not that it's anything particularly special- certainly no great feat of organization, and not even particularly aesthetically pleasing, but I (being the nosy git that I am) enjoy looking at other people's workspaces and figured other people might as well.

So, nosy nancys, here you go:

My studio is a weird backwards L shape, only with the bottom line of the L being all slanty-ceilinged, and the corner of the L chopped off to become a closet. I was going to draw a map, but that seemed overkill.

This is what you see from the door:

This is the tall part of the L, and the wall on the right bends around to take you to the horizontal part.

To the left by the chair is the sewing desk:

And next to it, this ridiculous mountain of fabric:

If you follow this blog with any regularity, you probably realize how little I actually get any sewing done. This is a problem. I tend to cover the desk with knitting stuff, making sewing impossible... But I'm trying to get better, I promise. I need to use up that fabric.

Past that is a little shorty worktable. Usually my winder is there too but I've got it in the living room with my wheel.

Underneath said table:

It's really too short and too crowded to work on. But it holds stuff nicely.

Over by the closet we've got this attractive box of yarn. This is the stuff that has a definite fate. That piece of notepaper jutting out tells the fortune of every ball in the box. Those linen bags hold the fate-less yarn, and the plastic tub is for Christmas presents and presents-to-be.

The WIP-and-wool table (had to use that craft fair table for something after it was over, now didn't I?)

Uh, yeah, holy crap. The little fancy box on the end is the frog pond (and now has a bunch of stuff sitting on top of it since I found more doomed knitwear to destroy.) All those paper bags are full of WIPs in various states of completion. Many of the things out front just need blocking, buttons, or ends-weaving. It probably seems like I should be working on these things, but I'm not. I'm working on Christmas presents. So...there. The suitcase and bags inside it are all spinning wool.

In the back we've got my weird book...trough, some more wool, and the scratchy felted sweaters my dog uses as a bed when he's hanging out in here with me.

Rotating around to the right, we've got Dolores! And a loom!

Rotate a bit more and there's my desk. The pillow used to be the dog's bed but he refused to sleep on it, so it became my chair. Now, of course, he sleeps on it whenever he gets the chance (ie, when I get up to go to the bathroom.)

Bit more, so you're facing the doorway again sort of...and you've got my new and improved skeinwinder! Adam (the builder of the legowinder) spruced it up in return for my making a video of the legowinder (did I post that here? Hmm...) I wanted it less rickety, taller, and less reliant-on-wood-friction-that-wears-away-with-time. It is those things, though I haven't had a chance to try it out formally yet (need to do some spinning, man.)

In the closet- my poor unloved Yudu (no time! no space! Someday!) and a rubber tub fulla yummy knits for Dull Roar (new pictures soon!)

The frightening closet floor. Mostly dyeing supplies that I never use now. Stupid small kitchen sink.

Weird closet shelves on weird slanty ceiling. Yarn waiting for new homes, and Ron the Stash Moth!

Whew! Yay for unnecessary and poorly exposed pictures! (The combination of natural and artificial light really messes with stuff, man.)


  1. What lovely organization! I am jealous.

  2. I love this. I always enjoy seeing other peoples work spaces/studios. I'm jealous of your organization.

  3. dang, girl, you've got a lot of stuff. now i know why you always go aawwww when you look at my meager stash! so, um...where's your wheel? did i miss it, or is it just that unloved? missed you last night, hope Rocky's better!

  4. It's in the living room, since I do all my spinning on the couch anyway.

    I...THINK Rocky's better (knock on wood), he only woke me up once. Stupid dog, I think he's trying to get out of going to get his shots. It's not going to work, dammit.

  5. I also enjoy seeing other peoples work areas...its the nerve center, where it all comes together.


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