Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wip it?

Currently on my needles (counting only the things I'm actively working on, anyway,) we have:

1. Another Stella hat that looks just like one I made for a swap last year, because that's what my sister wants for Christmas. Nevermind that I could probably design for her any number of delightful hats, she wants THAT one. (No picture, though...we can at least play at secrecy.)

2. An Ishbel, for me, in super amazing beautiful Handmaiden Camelspin that Travis bought me for Christmas last year

3. A "Baby Cables and Big Ones Too" sweater, the current knit-a-long at Twisted. I wasn't going to make it, but I finally succumbed to the peer pressure (and realized that I didn't actually have to buy all the yarn at once, which I can't afford, but can instead set it aside and buy it skein by skein.) It's probably not something I would've picked for myself, but it's pretty. I think i bungled up the cable on the second row, though, and there ain't no going back now. Whatever. I've also started doing the increases on the knit rows instead of the purl/cabling rows because I can't seem to hold that many tasks in my brain. Still, I should probably be making craft fair things and Christmas presents instead. Hm.

This is weird, because I'm cabling, doing lace, and working from other people's patterns- three things I almost never do.

Ishbel is sort of driving me bonkers. It's a fairly simple lace pattern, and yet for some reason, I've spent more time tinking it than knitting it (luckily knitting is faster, so I'm still making some progress.) Last night, I started on chart C where I should have been starting chart A again, did not discover it until I reached the middle (about 100 stitches in, I'd estimate), patiently tinked back to the beginning of the row... only to discover that the first line of C and that of A are IDENTICAL up until about 8 stitches before the center point.

If you'll pardon my netspeak...FML.


  1. Hey you are the one that asked what I wanted and I remebered seeing that hat and really liking it. So hush up and keep knitting my hat. and my gloves from 2 years ago.

  2. Haha, you'll get your silly hat. And gloves. Though we're going to have to talk about teeth... I don't like the way the original pattern does it with weird little knots.


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