Friday, September 18, 2009

Tender Buttons!

(not the literary kind. The soft and adorable kind.)

I've suddenly gone nuts for dorset buttons.

Just in time for craft fair season, too. They are kind of a super amazing use for leftover sock yarn (the smooth stuff works best.)

Here they are on the cards, looking all cute and packaged:

Squeee! It's so much easier to make something like this look nice than it is a hat. Hats are awkwardly shaped at best, when they don't have a head inside them.

Some other things I've been tinkering around with:

(I got one of those little fabric button making kits- SO FUN. SO EASY. I have a bunch I want to put on hair clips, but the backs are recessed and I haven't figured out the best way to attach them yet... the super glue wouldn't take. Perhaps hot glue.)

Recycled film and chain bits.

Vintage loops + leftover Camelspin from my Ishbel (which is blocking in the bedroom as I type) + recycled findings pried off old jewelry = oo, neat.

In other news, I am wearing the most awesomely ridiculous shirt ever:

Hooray for Threadless $9 sales! I should've gotten a size smaller, though... it's not quite as clingy as I like 'em. And sadly it seems that the t-shirt gods have taken my very favorite shirt (Loyal Army, featuring happy planets and a vampire UFO) off into the ether as retribution. I hope it comes back :-(


  1. That camel spin bracelet is gorgeous (as is everything else)! Will it be for sale too?

  2. Yep! The plan is that they'll go to craft fairs with me and then anything not sold will go into the Dull Roar shop. But if anyone really wants something, let me know and I'll list it for ya ;-)

  3. Sweet! I will send you an email, because I very much want that bracelet. :D

  4. Those buttons are SUPER PRETTY and I must learn how to make them now.

  5. Dorset button tutorials, for those that want 'em:

  6. I am in love with those buttons.

  7. how can i buy those film earrings from you? i waaaaant :)


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