Friday, September 4, 2009

I went to the beach again! And there were hats!

Travis hadn't been to the beach all summer, having been at work when I went with Max, so we decided to take a little field trip, on the condition that he'd help me photograph some stuff for Dull Roar (there is still a ton of stuff I need to finish up and photograph...and I need to make more for the craft fairs I'm hoping to do. Eep!!)

So, knits first:

This is an old one, reshot:

Handspun, navajo plied. I can't remember the details of the fiber anymore, but I think it was a bamboo/wool blend.

Road to China in Lapis... I posted a little teaser pic of this cowl a long time ago and promised a pattern. Um. Sorry. I forgot what stitch pattern I used. Errr....

Beautiful yarn, though.

I like this one. It's just some old handspun purple merino, with one of my first attempts at embroidering-on-knitting...some sort of alien dandilion, I think.

An old project finally getting photographed properly- sort of. It's Malabrigo's handspun angora in something like "party pink". I really wanted the earmuffs to stay on properly without a chin tie, but it just wasn't in the cards. They're quite cozy though- there's wool felt inside the layers.

Handspun hat- Lavender Sheep merino in, I think, "chocolate cherry" or "chocolate and cherries" or something like that.

Malabrigo worsted in Sunset and Snowbird, held together. Quite slouchy.

Handspun Chameleon Colorworks in Taos. I, er, accidentally decided to keep this one, I guess...because it was cold on the beach and I needed a hat. I like it, though. Very much into this color combo.

Yay! Now gratuitous other beach pictures!!

I am being Sacagawea like in this sign:

I touched a jellyfish with my toe (not the tentacles, I'm not stupid.) It was squooshy.

This is what it's like to hang out with me most of the time.

(Sorry if I just blew your computer's mind. I sort of assumed that people with dial-up would have given up on me already.)

And one more picture, a little morsel of pattern fun to come (I promise, this time):


  1. Beautiful pictures, and beautiful knits, too. I miss the beach. I haven't been there since February...

  2. The cowls are absolutely beautiful.
    Thank you for the wonderful photos.

  3. I loved the pictures! And the hats!!

  4. Haha, it is indeed. There's a better picture here:


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