Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dandy Scarf- Pattern, yay!

(oh dear, belly shirt! How unladylike.)

This scarf is kind of silly, and I like it.

The stats:
- 2 skeins Debbie Bliss Pure Silk, Taupe
- US 6 needle

Some notes:
- Pure silk is tricky to work with. It's fuzzy and slippery all at once, and if your hands get clammy it sticks to them. But it's kind of totally worth it. It feels sooo good.

- If you don't want to use silk (and I don't really blame you) pick something with good drape, like a silk or bamboo blend, or maybe alpaca. You may want to go up a needle size to maximize drapey-ness in a less drapey fiber. Pure Silk is DK weight, and I'd be hesitant to go up much bigger than that, but hey, it's your scarf.

- You don't have to do tassels. You could do "easy tassels" and just hook on some fringe with a crochet hook like you might for a normal scarf. You could do pompoms, which would look awesome, but are probably not suited to the recommended yarn. Or hang beads on it. Knit bobbles. Do nothing. Whatever you please. (The tassels do add a nice weight to it, though.)

- This is easy to make wider or narrower- just stop knitting wherever YOU want the middle point to be. But if you make it wider, you will need another skein of the DB, since I used up all of mine by the time I'd made the tassels. (Here is a tip: If you have two skeins, and the first one runs out, you are at the middle. Start decreasing now.)

- I am someone who sometimes ignores perfectly good advice like "only attach yarn at the end of the row." DO NOT IGNORE SUCH GOOD ADVICE. My poor scarf looks like it has a scar, if you hold it up to the light. Do as I say, not as I do.

-It will curl like an 80's perm until you block it, after which it will just curl more like a body wave. But don't panic if it looks like a big silk snake while you're knitting it. (That said, I can't speak for other fibers. And if your fabric is fairly tight, you run the risk of increased curl-age, so you might want to go up a needle size. Drape is the name of the game.)

Want it? Here ya go!

(Or you can buy it through etsy, as usual)

(the fine print: Your purchase of this pattern constitutes your agreement to use this pattern only for personal, non-profit use without specific written permission from the designer (just email me!) Items made from this pattern may not be sold without permission, nor may the pattern itself be copied, sold, or distributed in any way. You may print one copy for personal use but may not print multiples to distribute, nor may you share the digital file with others. Thanks guys!)

If you need to contact me with questions, my email address is - please email instead of commenting since it's much easier for me to reply that way! Thanks!


  1. Silly? Maybe. Really cute? Yes! I love it, especially when you do that double wrap thing.

    And '80's perm? Yeah, I had one of those. Use your imagination, and then some!

  2. I'm working on your pattern right now using Debbie Bliss Pure Silk. I ordered two skeins, but I was wondering if that is enough to make the full scarf with the tassels? Like once you made the body, you had enough left over to make three tassels, or should I just save myself some time and order a third skein now so that I'll have enough?

  3. I got the entire thing, including tassels, out of two skeins. That said, I used every last drop of those two skeins. If you're worried it might be nice to have a third, or you could stop a few rows before the prescribed middle and start the decreases there instead (to make a ever-so-slightly smaller scarf).

  4. Thanks! I love the pattern, by the way. It's going by quickly and I can't wait to wear it! :D


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