Friday, August 7, 2009

To the Summit!

Whew! Sock Summit! There are no words.

...well maybe a few. Like "big" and "crazy" and "omgyarn." I don't know if it was the wool fumes or the florescent lighting or just the sheer amount of prettiness, but my brain is solidly fuzzy, in that warm, happy, "there is sock yarn all around me as I type this" kind of way.

Pictures! These first ones were taken with my iphone so they're not great, but you get the idea.

I was working the Twisted booth this morning and got to have a shiny badge all my very own! Hooray!

Twisted's booth. When I stopped by in the afternoon they'd added even MORE yarn, if you can imagine. If you haven't rocked the summit yet, be sure to check them out, s'good stuff. Booth 812.

The marketplace! Well, more like approximately 1/4 of the marketplace. This place is BIG. I am still not sure I saw it all and I was walking around for over 3 hours.

And now, the goods...

Yay! A breakdown for those interested follows.

Spirit Trail Fiberworks "Brigit" in what appears to be an unnamed colorway. They had another, very similar, very pretty yarn called "Alexandra" but I refused to shell out another $8 just to get a yarn with my name. I think they should have just given it to me.

Wool Candy Meringue Merino, "Moss Rock"

This one's not sock yarn, but whatever. Madelinetosh Tosh Worsted, in Kale. Madelinetosh is rapidly becoming one of my favorite yarns, even if it is a bit pricey.

Mama Llama "Hurricane Mistake"... got a good deal on this one because it has a bit too much pink, or something. Whatever, I like it the way it is :-)

And this is the part where I went overbudget by wandering into the Sanguine Gryphon's stall. Apparently there was a madrush on some particular yarn this morning that I know nothing about. It must've been pretty amazing, because the stuff that was left by 4pm was still friggin gorgeous:

Little Traveller in "Montreal"

Eidos in Dialegsthe (I have no idea how to pronounce that.)

I also nicked these ones out of Twisted's Sock Summit yarn boxes, before the summit even started... I count them anyway, though:

Black Trillium Merilon in Earth and Butterbeer

Black Trilium BFL in Primary (not my normal colors but I was inexplicably drawn to it...possibly because it looks like funfetti, and I love me some cake.)

And...oh! What's that? Could it be another skein of Archangel? I think it might be...

You know, I've almost never bought the same exact yarn twice, but the times when it's happened, it's always been Malabrigo...


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