Sunday, August 30, 2009

And I said "Heeeeey, heey, hey, hey heeeyy..."

Whuz goin' on??

I am a bad blogger and have neglected to make any of a series of semi-unimportant updates, which I will remedy now:

1. A while ago, my friend Max visited. We went to the beach. I failed to take more than four decent pictures during the course of his visit. Fail fail.

If there's one thing I know, it's that people loving having pictures taken of them while they're eating.

2. I got a super awesome merino sampler pack from Greenwood Fiberworks

which I am spinning up with some solids in my stash (to make it go farther.) More on that when it's done.

3. I am having a bit of a jewelry phase, after checking out a book on junk jewelry from the library on a bit of an impulse. For my purposes, I am counting stitch markers as jewelry (they're jewelry for your knitting!)

With the holiday craft fair season on the horizon, I'm starting to grope around for fast, satisfying projects. I don't know yet which, if any, shows I'll be in, but hopefully I'll do at least one good sized one.

4. Jones Halloween soda!!

I'm not a big pop drinker (I only called it "soda" up there because "Jones Soda" is the brand name. It's pop, dammit) but these are kinda tasty and they look like monsters. Rar! I was at World Market to find some beignet mix (which they HAD and I'M SO EXCITED I'VE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE) and they were putting the halloween stuff out already. Crazzzyy. Speaking of halloween, rumor has it that there will be a pretty cool event happening at Twisted...but it's just a rumor, so shhh. You hear nothing.

(Either way, I will finally be wearing my skeleton tights. So you have that to look forward to.)

And 5, because I'm a stereotypical annoying pet owner, this is what it's like to be my dog, as told via a blurry, tungsteny photo essay:

Oh Rocky.

6. I'm sick :-( I knew it was coming, the extra boogers and headaches were a dead giveaway, but still. Ick ick ick. Everybody wash your hands before you eat!!! Don't touch your face! Don't bite your nails!


  1. You are certainly not a bad blogger! You caught us up wonderfully.
    The yarn you are spinning looks fabulous. I also adore the stitch markers - fantastic job!

  2. That's one smiley dog! Awesome.

  3. Haystack Rock! Oh, how that silhouette takes me back. The Oregon Coast was always so cold and so beautiful. Wonder if it's time to move home . . .


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