Thursday, July 16, 2009

Visiting! Yay!

Whew - it's been a busy week (and it's not about to stop just yet, since my friend Max gets into town tonight.) My boyfriend's parents were here for the past few days, so I spent the week (whenever I wasn't at work, anyway) traipsing around town and doing all the fun stuff you rarely get around to when you actually live there.

International Rose Test garden... never been here before. Didn't realize it was free. Neat!

Travis and his dear mum at the Japanese Gardens.


We did, in fact, do things that were not "Go to some kind of gardens", but I am a terrible documenter, as we all should know by now.

Travis's mother, because she is such a wonderful and generous person, bought me some of the prettiest yarn I think I've ever seen. Photos don't quite do it justice, but I'll try:

It's Punta Yarns Merisoft Handpainted, color HP71. As I was commenting to Travis yesterday, I find it kind of funny that when my parents come, they buy him booze, and when his come, they buy me yarn (our respective money-sucking impulse purchases.) No complaints here ;-)

On a beer-and-yarn related note, check out this old Schlitz advertisement they have at one of our regular bars:

Sorry about the photo quality... it's a dark room and an iphone. If you can't read it, it says:

"Yarn with a Happy Ending
Everything's bound to turn out all right for a fellow who's tied
to a girl who keeps Schlitz in the picture.
We think you'll like Schlitz best, too, because more people
like the taste of Schlitz than any other beer. That's why
Schlitz is...
The Largest-Selling Beer in America"

Aw, the good old days.

In other news, I fail at Tour de Fleece.


  1. Oh my goddddd, I want that ad! Schlitz is pretty wretched, but yarn + beer is an amazing combo!

  2. I'm tempted to get my own...


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