Saturday, July 4, 2009

Seems worth mentioning...

I've finally got my "stuff that has already been knitted or sewn or otherwise made" etsy shop up. I'm still not sure I like the photography... I had a specific goal in mind, sort of, but it's hard to be artsy and still show off the product, so "showing off the product" won.

But here it is: Dull Roar

And here's the blog that will accompany it, though I'm not sure yet what I'm going to put there to keep it interesting:

And here is a preview, both of the shop, and of an upcoming pattern ;-) (Does it still count as a preview if I just show you the whole thing? I don't know.)

So yes. That's a thing.


  1. Things that look good: you, the knits... and the squirrel.

  2. Yes I am pretty proud of the squirrel, though I will admit that it was pretty much drawn from photographs instead of any noble way.

  3. the shop looks great. i heart the loveknot shawl.



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