Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm meltiiinnggg, meltiiingg...

It's been all kinds of ridiculous hot in Portland this week...up to about 110 the day before yesterday. I think it's slowing starting to ease off (it's been getting cool at night again, finally, after several nights of sleeping covered in wet towels.) As such, I haven't been getting much work done - the thought of putting wool or fabric anywhere near me is a bit unbearable, and my hands are too constantly clammy to achieve much of anything useful. I managed to re-read the sixth Harry Potter book while sitting in my undies eating popsicles. I did not manage to do my laundry or clean any part of my increasingly messy apartment.

I will, however, have a pattern for you soon...something I finished the majority of before the heat wave. Just as soon as it's cool enough to model it.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this-

Before heat wave emergency haircut:

After heat wave emergency haircut:

(I laughed for a pretty solid 20 minutes upon picking him up from the groomer, and it starts up again every time he enters the room. This picture does not quite do justice to just how ridiculous he looks. But at least he's cooler.)


  1. Yes! We together can groan about the PNW heat wave.
    Tehee, what a significant size change :)

  2. Are you sure they gave you the same dog back? Cute!

  3. He looks so happy and goofy!


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