Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's that time again

You know, the one where I post a bazillion pictures of dyed yarn that's going up in my shop pretty soon, and don't give you any real content. As our ever-observant Vivian noted, this blog has pretty much turned into "Presents Dyes". I promise I have some knit stuff to photograph sometime soon. And a pattern to go with it, even! But we're moving soon and the apartment is a mess and making myself look all chic is hard, so for now...things that will fit in a lightbox! Onward!

True Blue





Cherry Lips

Artificial Strawberry

Peacock. This one probably won't go in the shop, it's just a tiny batt...I'm still experimenting with dyeing fiber in different forms. It's a bit tangely.

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  1. Noreaster makes me want to knit a turtleneck and go sailing, or maybe live in a lighthouse.


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