Monday, June 8, 2009


(You know what that means, right? It means it was a dye day.)

Ah well, a bad case of respirator-face is better than a mild case of rainbow-lung, I'd imagine. Or pickled-by-hot-vinegar lung.

This is not stuff I dyed today, since it is still quite moist, as you might imagine. But it was finally sunny enough today to shoot the things I dyed last week (yes, my business depends on it being sunny in Portland. I'm screwed, I know.)

Chimera, Gorgon...two of these. The pictures are labeled things like "gorgon5" which makes me think of weird galaxy names or something.

More Chimera- Sphinx, Harpy, and Pan. All from the same dye pot, oddly enough. I think they'd be pretty awesome striped.

Chimera, Nymph

Reinyarnation, Cashmere/Silk... "Fate of Atlantis". Yes, sometimes yarn reminds me of beloved childhood Indiana Jones computer games. So what?

Reinyarnation, Posy, big & small. The big one is a bit darker. Wool, possibly merino.

Reinyarnation, Hella Grassy, cashmere

Hurrah! I feel like that was a weirdly small batch. Hmm.

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