Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catching up with Bloggity-ness

Now, back to yarn. First, some stuff I didn't dye, but OH HOLY GOD IT'S SO PRETTY. If you live in Portland you need to get your tush to Twisted before we run out of DiC Starry again. We only got three of each color, and they are all SUPER BEAUTIFUL. If you're familiar with Dream in Color you know that the colorways vary a lot from dyelot to dyelot, so...don't blame me if you miss it.

It's hard to capture it's sparkly glory in pictures, but trust me.

Aaaannnd... some more stuff that'll be in the shop over the next few days, if it's not already-

Some rovings, oo la la:

"That Minty Fresh Feeling"



More reinyarnations:

"Parrotfish", wool, fairly chunky, probably merino.

"Lionfish" (yeah, I know it looks nothing like a lionfish, but whatever.) Silk/Cashmere blend. SO nice. I wish I had more of it...sadly it was a pretty small sweater.

"Leprechaun", silk/cashmere

"Maui Wowee" silk/cashmere...these might be staying here with me. Ahem.

"Ralph". My dad named it. It's cashmere.

And one more Chimera (actually there's another but I need to reshoot it..my camera has trouble with reds sometimes.)


And finally I got around to putting some batts together- this set I'm calling "Koi Pond"

It's a blend of pretty much every fiber in existence. Wool, alpaca, mohair, several kinds of silk, camel, hemp, linen, sparkly stuff, bamboo, probably a little cotton...

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