Sunday, June 21, 2009

Black Sheep Gathering!

This weekend = Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR! Fiber festivals for the win!

However this is going to be a rather sad little post....Sigh, I need to get a little, decent camera to take with me to things like this. I don't want to lug the SLR, but my iphone camera is woefully dissatisfying, as you can see. Check out Lee's post on the event for some better pictures, and a video with sheep noises (they are really, really funny. I always forget that.)

But anyway, here is a my single in focus sheep shot:

Hooray. We walked around a bit, though given the four hours of driving, I wanted to keep actual Eugene time at a minimum so the dog wouldn't do anything unsavory before we got back. I made my purchases:

Odds & ends of a merino/targhee/maybe something else blend. Very soft, very economical, very drum-card-able!

Lavender Sheep roving. She does fantastic yarns, too, but my fiber festival rule is "fiber only except in cases of unmeasurable awesomeness and rarity."

aaannd Chameleon Colorworks. I'm a sucker for these colors. I remember their rovings being bigger, though... maybe they're just braiding them more densely.

We stopped by a brewery so Travis could get some freebies, then ate lunch at a highly rated Thai restaurant that was...ok. It looked like somewhere that would have "Country Kitchen" in the name.

Heh. I was disappointed to learn that Eugene does not have an answer for Saint Cupcakes, as I've been on a bit of a miniature cupcake bent lately. But hey, we got back to a poo-free house, and that's all I can really ask for.

We're about to move and the place is a disaster, so I'll probably manage to save the rovings until Tour de Fleece.....maaaaybe.

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