Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh dear, I haven't put the latest batch of goodies up yet. They're not all in the shop quite yet, and I'm about to leave for a week (Hawaii! Woo!) so they won't be until I get back. But pictures are fun anyway. Sorry this has turned into a yarn gallery... I'll get some more content- rich stuff up soon.

"Ochreville", recycled merino

"Fuzzy Aura", superwash wool (sock)

"Little Neptune", wool

"Vin Diesel, Jr." (I let Travis name this one. Go figure.) Recycled silk.

My first hack at dyeing roving (at least, in the last year.) I'm going to spin this one up myself to make sure my method doesn't leave it too felty or anything like that. It feels ok so far.

The next three are a new (but limited quantity) base yarn that I'm calling "Chimera"- 80% baby merino, 20% cashmere. It's pretty scrumptious.

"Zombie Apocalypse"

"What up, Echidna?"

"Oh Hai, Hydra."

Mmmk, off to sunnier climes for me... I will bring you pictures and perhaps exciting Haiwaiian yarns! (Well, pictures of exciting Hawaiian yarns.)


  1. Ochreville is the cleverest name for a yarn - EVER.
    Love it!

  2. have a great time in hawaii! i love the top brown one and the roving looks scrummy.

  3. i'm a raveler that found your blog from the mr. peen pattern (haha...) and i absolutely love it! i also love how on the pictures for topographie on knitty, the boys are doing "hand vagina." keep up the great knitting!


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