Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Handspun!

Well, actually some of it's the same as the post a few days ago. But with a new fancy (ha!) lightbox! And accurate colors!

10:45, from that silk hankie I had so much fun with ;-)

Emerald, silk- it's been sitting around for over a year for some reason.

Rustic, silk and wool

Wheatfield and Drought, from (I think) a rambouillet roving.

Rosy-fingered, another rambouillet.

Tilt and Axis, from Cosy's falkland roving (called Tilting Axis :-P )

Floozy & Doozy, merino

And Peppermint, again. I like the whole spinning-recycled-yarn thing. I might do it more often. We'll see.

As usual, you can find these fluffies in the etsy shop.


  1. wow - these are all beautiful! I love the green silk - oh la la! Such talent you have!!! Bravo!!!!

  2. awesome fotos! isn't it amazing what a light box can do!


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