Monday, May 4, 2009

Aye aye aye

I finished my thesis. Finally. Finally finally finally. I have orals in about four hours, though. Eeeeep.

So we shall talk about happy things, instead. Like handspun.

There's a lot more, as you can tell from the last picture, but the colors were coming out really, really off, so I need to reshoot it. The sad part is that the colors were coming out way cooler than they are on the real yarn :-P It'll be going up in the shop once that happens.

The red one (which now that I look at it is a little washed out) is interesting. It's recycled merino, the same as Anchovy and Jazz Hands, but I then ran it through the spinning wheel to give it twist and navajo plied it. It's good and squooshy.


  1. Good Luck and enjoy knitting whith a brain free of studies!

  2. love the handspun especially the red one!

    good luck with your classes, eventhough this is coming to you late.


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