Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh dear, I haven't put the latest batch of goodies up yet. They're not all in the shop quite yet, and I'm about to leave for a week (Hawaii! Woo!) so they won't be until I get back. But pictures are fun anyway. Sorry this has turned into a yarn gallery... I'll get some more content- rich stuff up soon.

"Ochreville", recycled merino

"Fuzzy Aura", superwash wool (sock)

"Little Neptune", wool

"Vin Diesel, Jr." (I let Travis name this one. Go figure.) Recycled silk.

My first hack at dyeing roving (at least, in the last year.) I'm going to spin this one up myself to make sure my method doesn't leave it too felty or anything like that. It feels ok so far.

The next three are a new (but limited quantity) base yarn that I'm calling "Chimera"- 80% baby merino, 20% cashmere. It's pretty scrumptious.

"Zombie Apocalypse"

"What up, Echidna?"

"Oh Hai, Hydra."

Mmmk, off to sunnier climes for me... I will bring you pictures and perhaps exciting Haiwaiian yarns! (Well, pictures of exciting Hawaiian yarns.)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Handspun!

Well, actually some of it's the same as the post a few days ago. But with a new fancy (ha!) lightbox! And accurate colors!

10:45, from that silk hankie I had so much fun with ;-)

Emerald, silk- it's been sitting around for over a year for some reason.

Rustic, silk and wool

Wheatfield and Drought, from (I think) a rambouillet roving.

Rosy-fingered, another rambouillet.

Tilt and Axis, from Cosy's falkland roving (called Tilting Axis :-P )

Floozy & Doozy, merino

And Peppermint, again. I like the whole spinning-recycled-yarn thing. I might do it more often. We'll see.

As usual, you can find these fluffies in the etsy shop.

Friday, May 8, 2009

On Productivity

Does anything feel better than getting shit done? It is the only thing that actually reduces stress for me. I guess that makes sense, though it's not always convenient.

What I did today:

- Got gas

- Stopped by the sale at Abundant. I'm finally at a point where I feel like I have enough yarn. Really. That point exists. But that doesn't mean it wouldn't be stupid of me to NOT pick up $70 worth of primo fuzz for $28. Do I look stupid to you?

(I may be going through a color phase. I was also wearing my favorite socks today. Oddly enough I don't own any clothes in these colors.)

-Mailed off little Floozy to her new home. I got the handspuns re-shot yesterday (and made a lightbox! More on that later) and some of them listed. I'll do a shop update post when they're all up, possibly later tonight.

- Returned school library book

- Turned thesis in for printing and binding

- Went to health center to get prescription (the nurse who saw me turned out to also be a knitter- I managed to pawn a business card off on her and point her towards Twisted for possible lessons :-P )

- Returned regular library books. Picked up a book on weaving.

- Bought mother's day card, advisor gift, loaf of bread

- Bought foam head to block hats on (I've tried coming up with alternatives because foam heads are creepy, but nothing works as well. And they're only $3.)

- Picked up printer/birthday present, finally. My dad is going to be unhappy when he learns it's not an HP...the one I wanted wasn't on sale anymore, which put the wireless, double-sided-printing HPs out of my price range. And dammit if I didn't want wireless-ness and double-sided printing. I don't think I need to print enough that the slight savings on ink will be that big of a deal. Plus the one I got was $100 off. Sweet.

- Wrestled printer into submission and made it print things. Hooray!

- Filled out mother's day card, advisor gift card

- Blocked hat

- Picked up thesis

And now, I am friggin' hungry. The rest of the week includes more fun errands, such as "return keys", "clean thesis office", "take sister to school visit", "write goddamn art history paper so I can graduate" and maybe even "get new brake pads so I don't careen into the Willamette." Oh, and washing the dog, which I was supposed to do today, but I didn't quite make it (business hours be damned!) Fun.

PS: This is important. I'm pretty sure everybody should see this video: Two words: Ballerina ninjas.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Aye aye aye

I finished my thesis. Finally. Finally finally finally. I have orals in about four hours, though. Eeeeep.

So we shall talk about happy things, instead. Like handspun.

There's a lot more, as you can tell from the last picture, but the colors were coming out really, really off, so I need to reshoot it. The sad part is that the colors were coming out way cooler than they are on the real yarn :-P It'll be going up in the shop once that happens.

The red one (which now that I look at it is a little washed out) is interesting. It's recycled merino, the same as Anchovy and Jazz Hands, but I then ran it through the spinning wheel to give it twist and navajo plied it. It's good and squooshy.

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