Saturday, April 4, 2009

Photo time!!

We got sun today! SUN!!

Oh, you'll see, after I block it.

Dino scarf!

(Handmaiden's Casbah in Bronze)

These are my scraps. They are out, arranged in colorwheel order, for a reason.

A bit late for "Flash your Stash", and this is only my scrap stash, but hey. It looks a bit ridiculous but keep in mind that they're all pretty small balls, and I've been saving them carefully for a long time now. Ahem.

I wish I had pictures from the Japanese Gardens, which I finally made it to today (the weather was so nice! Travis had time off! Oh geez!) but we didn't decide to go until we'd left the house, so I only had my iphone. Maybe if those end up being really good once I upload them...but I'm not counting on it. I assure you, they were lovely.


  1. Mmmm.. I love Casbah. I think it's my very favorite! That's a lovely skein of it, too.

  2. Scrap stash doesn't really count as stash. You used the original yarn for something, so no guilt!

  3. I know that stitch pattern! I love it because it knits up so quickly and stretchy. It is ideal for hats destined for unknown circumference heads. I can't wait to see what you made of it.

  4. Hey - what gadget displays the Twitter?

  5. Kelly- Umm... I can't remember how I set mine up, but if you go to the "apps" thing on twitter (at the bottom) it looks like they have some widgets. Then you copy and paste whatever code they give you into an html sidebar box (when they let you pick what the box is, that's an option, I believe.)

  6. Oh! Yeah! Pick the "widgets" one and then pick blogger. That's what I did. Duuh.


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