Monday, April 13, 2009

New Yarns!!

Putting up new yarns in the shop as we speak.

Some highlights (ok, a picture of all of them because I'm excited):

Jazz Hands (Why yes, I do name them the first thing that pops into my head, why do you ask?)


Gnomey (a personal favorite... almost a disaster but I dragged it back from the brink.)

Good ole Electric Tide again.

Blue Raspberry Mishap


Aurora. I think I dyed this yarn about 5 times, and I'm psyched that I finally got it to come out attractively (by my standards...everyone else said it was fine. Pft.)

Berry Party (bulky cashmere? Yes please!)

I've been calling these two "the brothers"... they were in the same dyepot but came out rather differently. I'll probably use these myself as a sample, since they need to be striped to make a uniform piece of knitting. They certainly are photogenic, though.

Eeeep! Yarn, guys!!!!


  1. Gorgeous yarn!

    The first pic of "The Brothers" should be your new business card :)

  2. Oh good heavens, those colours are luscious. :d

  3. Thanks :-)

    I totally agree Noelle- it's already my background, haha.

  4. I like the Aurora one best! You are super cool and if I knew how to knit I'd totally buy some.

  5. Oh man is Anchovy delicious! Did I miss it or is it not for sale yet?

  6. It's in the shop, it's just a different picture:



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