Friday, April 3, 2009

I told you I was going to make a sweater

"Owls", a free pattern found here: Clicky
More details on Ravelry here... I'm too beat to write much here. The gist: It's not quite perfect but I'm pretty darn happy with it. And undecided about eyes.

Also, there's some sort of cave man trying to devour my dog.

Edit: Haha, Knit/Purl has this sweater in it's newsletter as a thing to make for "$125 or less", using the yarn the pattern actually calls for. Mine cost half that, and I probably have about half the yarn I bought left (I used parts of both skeins so it's hard to tell), which means those two skeins of BMFA LSS would've probably made a larger size with relative ease. Plus I like this yarn waaay better.

So Blue Moon for the win, guys.


  1. It's lovely and perfect and looks great on you. I kind of like it without the eyes; I knew it was Owls but it's not so obvious.

  2. Love it! I'm working on the same sweater as we speak!

  3. Love your Owls! I just ordered the yarn for this and can't wait to start!

  4. Wow, beautiful sweater! I aspire to eventually be at your level of knitting skillz.

  5. Put google eyes on it!!!!!!! I would if I ever knit that sweater.

  6. Can I vote? No eyes! It looks beautiful just the way it is! :o)


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