Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I declare the new name in knitting bags to be...

Mario Batali!

That's right, this guy:

He thinks he's making a line of insulated lunch boxes for adults. But he's not. He's making knitting bags.

(this is the one I bought)

The features, as I see them:

- 2 smaller back pockets and one large front pocket

- another little pocket inside

- no velcro, zippers, or other yarn-destroying nonsense. Closes with a drawstring and magnets.

- insulation, in addition to keeping your yarn cold if necessary, makes the bag practically stand up on it's own (it's got a nice, boxy shape) and thereby won't crush the goods. It also keeps your needles from stabbing through the fabric, and keeps moisture and yuckiness from getting in. Plus the inside is shiny and silver!

- they vary a bit in size. Mine is big enough to hold a sock project plus all of the other crap I insist on taking everywhere (glasses case, wallet, phone, three chapsticks and four pens, a pile of receipts, a clif bar, a huge bottle of water...). Take my stuff out and you could probably cram a sweater in there. Not an XXL bulky weight sweater, but a little one.

- this is perhaps most important: they are largely NOT ugly, some of them have a shoulder strap, and they do not cost $70-$200 (they're about $20-$40). Very few specifically designated knitting bags live up to these guidelines, in my mind.

- They come in a lot of styles, in case you're not into the stripey messenger bag look. Check out the men's section for some nice understated stuff (though I don't understand why men need a differently shaped messenger bag in the summer.)

- some of the money goes to some food charity. I didn't really read about it because I was going to buy the thing anyway, but food charities are good.

- it looks like the Mario Batali label will be easy to rip off when I get around to it.

Also, those of you on Ravelry-
check out my new yarnie page!
I'm official! Hooray!


  1. genius. thanks for the super sleuth knitting tip!

  2. what a great idea. who would have thought, yarn in a lunch bag!
    heading to check out the rav page know cause i can't wait!

  3. I want one of those bags they are so cool!

  4. very groovy - great find and great combo of my two favorite things!

  5. AGGHGHHHHH . . . must. have. that. bag!!!
    I've been needing one since I carry all my projects around in the sacks I get my yarn in from my LYS, which are paper and invariably get holes and rip apart, like in the parking lot when I get out of my car. But I can't justify the $70-200 for a knitting bag (I have to buy yarn! and needles! and lip gloss!).

    So I am so happy that you posted this. Sorry for the rant, but I am ecstatic. Thank you!
    (BlackDecember on Ravelry)

  6. I've been doing the same thing :-) Glad to help, haha.

  7. This is a great (and sneaky) idea. These bags are awesome, Thanks for the tip

  8. Thanks so much for the great tip! I have been looking for a cheap knitting bag that is small enough to haul back & forth on the subway every day. (PS, I found your blog through


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