Thursday, April 9, 2009

And, lo, behold!

It is sock yarn! Dyed by me very own hands, it is. With big-girl dyes, no more of that food color wussy stuff.

It came out very, very bright. I guess I'm used to over-dyeing recycled yarns, not starting with bright white bases, but I've been collecting a few different ones to sample for the day when I have wholesale capabilities and $500 to sink into orders. This one is Treadsoft.

So bright, in fact, that it seems to make my camera a little queasy, and the colors/focus keeps coming out wonky. But it's pretty!

Reskeined for your enjoyment.

I learned several important things while dyeing this yarn.

1. Crock pots can NOT go on the stove. You think I would've looked this up ahead of time.

2. Mrs Meyer's Clean Day, while I really don't like the smell, is pretty good for getting blue dye off of countertops, cabinetry, etc.

3. Respirators are necessary. I had dust masks for mixing, but I tend to be a little sensitive to chemicals and the vinegar/dye steam was making me a little dizzy, so I got a real, hardcore "toxic dust" respirator. This thing blocks asbestos and hantavirus, and makes me feel like a storm trooper. Hell yes.

I tried it out today (which means more pictures once that stuff dries) and you can't smell a thing. It's excellent.

You may be saying, "But Alex, why weren't you working on editing your methods section for your thesis today?" to which I reply "You shut the hell up, that's why."


  1. your work is totally inspiring.

  2. When you come back to your home state you should let me walk around with that mask on. Maybe I can wear it to work??

  3. Haha, I'm sure they'd love that. I don't want to see you shot by security.

    (And thank you Lindsey!)


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