Monday, March 16, 2009

Organizing is fun

I got up much earlier than normal to get my hands on a Phat Fiber Box, and then got my thesis-goals-for-the-day done relatively early (I have the next few weeks before the draft deadline organized very, very carefully,) so I spent a while taking stash photos for Ravelry and reorganizing things by color AND weight... (and this from a girl who can barely be bothered to put her laundry in the hamper...I worry about myself, sometimes.)

(the blacks, browns & grays are above that. But they are boring in photographs.)

I've been tragically unproductive lately, at least from a knitting, dyeing, or otherwise-interesting-to-blog-about standpoint. I did, however, use my tax return to acquire one of these babies:

It is a Yudu personal screen printer, and I haven't even pulled it out of the box yet. Sigh. The eventual plan is to add notebooks, t-shirts, bags, and other goodies with knitting-related screens to the shop. I spent an entire 2 hour meditation class thinking up things to print (I am a very, very bad meditator. Meditater? Meditatertot.)
I've got a lot of ideas, which is sort of a shame since the screens are pretty expensive, and the emulsion sheets sort of pricey, so I have to do them all as limited runs instead of made-to-orders, at least in the beginning. (Unlike regular screen printing protocol, these screens are somehow magically reusable.)

"Rocky, none of us believe in God"
-- My boyfriend, to the dog, just now. For no reason I can discern. I'm not even sure who "none of us" is...there's only two of us. Unless he was including the dog (who I'm pretty sure is Catholic. Or possibly something darker.) It's weird, here.


  1. You did a great job with the stash organization. I can't wait to show it to my husband because he complains about my stash which is about a third of the size of yours. I'm going to show him the picture to show him what my stash wants to be when it grows up.

  2. Wow, your "stash" looks great!! Love all those happy colors.

    Pull that Yudu outta the box girl! It's so fun, you'll quickly be addicted to it. I'm blogging about my Yudu projects, so feel free to stop by & LMK if you need any help.


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