Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Break for Psychology

We interrupt your regularly schedule yarn programming to present:

My Thesis (in online survey format)

If you are in the 18-35 age range and can spare 20 minutes away from your knitting, I could really, really, really use all the help I can get. Otherwise I will have to take a summer extension and this blog will be really boring for EVEN LONGER! Oh my.


  1. I started to take your survey, but then I saw the "no reed students" bit....are alumni ok?

  2. I started it, but the video was having some issues so I could answer the questions. >>;;

  3. Kristen- I think alums are ok as long as you're not so recent of one that you'll know the people in the videos :-) They didn't want "community members" rating each other, haha.

    Ashley- Sorry about the videos, a few people have had trouble but the troubles seem to differ and most people can see them so I don't really know how to fix any of it :-( But thank you for trying!

  4. I'm outside your age range so I can't assist by taking your survey. But, as a former psych major who was too tapped out to go on to grad school, I stand in awe of your achievement (and your knitting) and wish you the greatest success with your thesis and your career.

  5. I'm still too freaking old! But I will pass it on to anyone I know who isn't.

  6. I finally got the videos to work and made it through the questions. :D I hope your thesis goes well.


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