Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brace yourself....

Alex is actually going to make a sweater.

I've been fawning over this stuff for a while but for some reason (hallucination? Poor reading comprehension?) I thought it was $50. I was bemoaning this fact to my boss yesterday when she said "What? No, it's only $32."


The skeins are enormous enough that I only need two- factor in my employee discount and that's a pretty good price for a sweater quantity of yarn. Plus we just got a new shipment and the colors were all luscious and amazing...

Of course the giant-ness of the skeins combined with the craptasticness of my winder (DO NOT BUY THE RED ONE. BUY THE BLUE ONE. TRUST ME) means that I have to hand wind the second half of the 500 yard ball, which is thrilling. Maybe more than half. Feels like more than half. I'll be smart when it comes to the second ball and bring it back into work.

So yes. This should be fun.

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