Sunday, February 1, 2009


My Valentine's Day swap partner got her present, so I suppose it's ok to post this stuff now.

A Stella hat! I keep making these and they're never as cute as the original. This one's not bad though.

Stitch markers! I've had the tools here (minus pliers, which would make it all much easier) for a while but just finally got around to making some. Will make more, probably, after buying pliers. Hm.

I don't have a picture of the rest of the package (hoping my swapee will post one so I can steal it) but it had some nice sock yarn of a brand I can't remember (something farms) and some malabrigo lace, plus chocolate, needles, etc. The usual fare.

My swap package has not shown up, sadly. Which means one of several things.
1. My partner sent it past the deadline (probable)
2. It is caught up/lost in the mail somewhere (possible)
3. My partner flaked completely (ugh, poopface)
4. My partner is international (also possible though I haven't checked to see if anyone international was in this swap. I think maybe some Canadians.)

Haven't given up hope yet, though. I do think, perhaps, that I need to stop doing swaps for a while. I really like putting together packages for people, but I always go over the spending limit (and often STILL feel like I don't have enough stuff in there) and you risk getting no (or very little) return on your investment. Which would be fine if I had a lot of money (I'm not THAT selfish, really) but I don't, so it sorta sucks a little bit. And as much as I like showering people with gifts, the inability to choose just who you are showering sometimes puts you in a sticky position anyway.

Here are my potential solutions (can you tell I like lists?)

- Whenever I am tempted to join a swap, just go out and spend that dollar limit on putting together a package for myself, which I will seal until a week after the sending date, and then open with great joy (kind of pathetic and less fun)

- Somehow magically have one or two generous knitting friends with fabulous tastes somewhere else in the country, and exchange vaguely themed gifts with them once or twice a year (better idea, but I don't have said friends.)

- Stop wasting money on yarn care packages, dammit, and start saving for graduation (aw, you're no fun.)

Hmm. We'll see.


  1. I'm generous. Let's be friends :]

  2. Sure hope you get your package of goodies!!

    Thanks very much for the feedback on the slippers, appreciated. I love the roundness of the toes and your explanation is now making sense to me (it takes me a while!) Uh-huh, maybe felting would do the trick to keep them from stretching out. Thanks again.

  3. I can help, but we'd have to change it so that I would buy cool things to send you, and then you make something cool and send it back to me...

  4. Yay for nice people!

    Kelly, I should just send you packages anyway 'cause I like you, and I like packages. Also I see you have a recipe blog now. I shall be standing by (make some cakes!! Mmm cake.)

    It annoys me that I can't respond to specific comments on this thinger.


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