Sunday, February 8, 2009

Socks? Socks!!

I'm quite satisfied, though I think I need to learn some new heels and toes next time. They are cozy and pretty and yay.

Also, check out these wonky bluejays we have here:

They look like normal blue jays that have had their heads dipped in ink. And perhaps some tail feathers blue'd. I've been meaning to get a picture for a while now.

Also, I made this thing, because I can't help clicking stuff like this and making one

Like? Much? Really? Huh.


  1. I love the colours of those socks - awesome.

    Also, those are Stellar's Jays - noisy little buggers, but I do like to watch the,

  2. Lovely socks and great pictures of the bird!! My cats would be beside themselves with drool if a bird got that close to our house! :)


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