Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My dining area looks like a middle school science lab

So I got an exciting package today.

Clockwise from 6 o'clock, sort of:

- Labels (for labeling dye jars)
- Goggles (for not going blind)
- Turkey basters (for the squirting of dyestuffs)
- Crazy all-in-one measuring spoon (for measuring dye powder)
- Dust masks (for not poisoning myself)
- Eye droppers (for smaller scale squirting of dyestuffs)
- Painters Tape (for clearly marking the dyeing materials so Travis doesn't cook with them)
- Plastic bowls (theoretically for soaking yarn but they are smaller than expected, so we'll see. Always nice to have bowls.)
- Sexy black latex gloves (because I am too badass for regular ones)
- A bunch of plastic jars (for mixing/storing dye)
- Super cool beaker (for mixing large amounts of colors)
- Yes those are pee cups (for mixing small amounts of colors)
- Cocktail spoon (for mixing dyes/shoveling yarn out of pots)
- Thermometer (oo, celcius.)

I now have everything I need to dye, except for, um...space and time. Dammit. And a vegetable steamer, but I can do without for now.

Oh well, it's too cold outside to hang around mixing dyes anyway.

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  1. i am so excited to see what you do!!! i love dyeing yarns, and it makes my hands ache and itch to see all of this equipment. i just want to go out and start dyeing all the yarn i can!!!!


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