Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mail Call!

I've been waiting for a bunch of packages, and a few of them had the good manners to turn up today. Hooray!

I ordered a handful of base yarns to test out...unfortunately they came unlabelled. The two small skeins are Louet Gems, I know that much. The other two are Cherry Tree Hill Supersock and Sockittome, but I don't know which is which. I'm trying to enlist Ravelry dyers to help me identify them. Blah.

And here is my beautiful pyramid-o-toxins. Can't actually use them until my big order of safety gear and separate utensils comes in, and I still need to find an old pot. But still exciting! Dharma Trading sent me a free silk scarf since it was my first order (that white thing in the corner). I've got to say, based on this experience I seriously recommend them...they shipped the same day and it got here literally about two days after I ordered. The yarn above was ordered a little over a week ago. Mail is weird, everything always seems to show up at once.

In other funness, my yarn tags came from Moo:

All this means several things.

1. The food-dyed stuff you saw before will probably be in the etsy shop soon (all but the stuff I really really love and can't part with.)

2. I got the sock yarn to play with but I'll probably be mostly doing the Reinyarnations for a while, but this time, with real dyes. Yippee! Assuming I can pull this off in my closet sized kitchen. It might have to wait til we move.

Ok, I guess only two things. But still. Neat!

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  1. how cool! love the moo cards! and good luck with the acid dyes.


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